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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about you or your loved one's stay at The Greenery. We have compiled a list of some of the questions that we often receive. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please contact our admissions team at (724) 754-9511.

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Do I Need A Referral To Be Admitted? 

Yes. To be admitted to The Greenery, you must have a referral from your medical provider. After your referral is received, our admissions team will work to determine clinical and financial approval. 

When Can I Visit The Facility? 

There are no set visitation hours, however, after 9:00PM, the front doors lock for the safety of residents. Upon arrival, please check in to the kiosk in the front lobby for a screening. Medical masks provided by our facility at check in must be always worn. When visiting your loved one, we ask that if they have a roommate, to please remain on your residents’ side of the room. 

What Amenities Do You Offer? 

Salon and Spa 




Daily Activities 

Daily Newspaper 

Sunday Newspaper 


What Is the Quarantine Policy If I am Unvaccinated For The COVID-19 Virus?

If the resident is not vaccinated, CDC guidelines require a 14-day quarantine period. Please note that you are considered unvaccinated if you have not had your booster shot at least 14 days prior to admission. Residents still receive therapy from our team and other accommodations that we offer. After the 14-day quarantine period, the resident will be placed into the main living quarters. Family and friends will be made aware of the room change or the date that the resident is set to be move out of quarantine.

What Is The Quarantine Policy if I Am Fully Vaccinated For The COVID-19 Virus? 

To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have two doses of the vaccine with an additional booster shot at least 14 days prior to admission. A negative COVID test within 24 hours of admission must be sent to our facility by your medical provider. There is no need for isolation for fully vaccinated individuals.

What Activities Do You Have For Residents? When Are Activities Offered?

We offer a wide variety of activities from church/mass to table games, cooking classes, and crafts. We celebrate the monthly birthdays every month with a birthday party for everyone. Also, we have entertainers from the community come in and have live entertainment for the residents. Activities are offered 7 days a week. Each resident has an activity calendar posted in their room. We encourage our residents to engage in activities, which promote independence and socialization. Please note that modified activities are still available in quarantine. 

Can A Resident Bring In A Fan or Curtains For Their Room? 

Yes! All electrical equipment must be inspected and Drapery must be fire rated or sprayed with an approved fire rated spray. 

Is There Free Wi-Fi available? What Kind of Technology Can The Resident Access? 

We offer free Wi-Fi to our residents and guests. Each resident also has their own phone in their room, along with a television. Televisions are equipped with smart features. 

Are Transportation Costs Covered By The Facility? 

Please understand that responsibility of the transportation is oftentimes determined on a case to-case basis. Our Business Office Manager can be contacted at (724) 754-9500 with any questions regarding payment. 

Do You Offer Laundry Services? 

Our hospitality services department takes care of the residents’ laundry, unless otherwise indicated. We offer a personal laundry room to encourage independence among our residents. Family members, friends and residents may use this laundry room for the residents’ clothing.

How Often Is Therapy? 

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy are offered 5 days week. Treatment is provided based on physician orders and insurance approval. Please note that all therapy services will still be provided even if a patient is in isolation. 

Do Long-Term Care Residents Receive Therapy? 

Yes. The Greenery can work with many Part B Insurances and Medicaid Plans to provide PT, OT, and ST services to all of our residents as indicated. Once skilled therapy reaches the highest level of function goals, our residents are transitioned to a restorative nursing program to continue daily exercise and activity to maintain the highest level of functional independence.

How Can I Find The Residents’ Room Phone Number? 

You will find the residents’ phone number on the welcome letter, attached to the front of the admissions folder. 

How Much Are The Private Room Rates For The Facility? 

Semi-Private Room $305/day 

Private Room $330/day 

Can I Smoke During My Stay? 

Yes. You will be evaluated by licensed staff to ensure it is safe for you to smoke. Smoking is offered four times a day and is supervised by staff. All smoking materials are kept secure in the supervisors office. No smoking materials are kept at the bedside. 

What Additional Services Are Available To My Loved One? 

The Greenery offers podiatry, audiology, optometry, dental and mental health services. We also have a full service salon. 

Can The resident Customize Their Food Options?

Yes. We offer a nutritious, balanced menu plus food options that are always available should you want something else. Select menus are provided for those residents who wish to choose their meals in advance. The following items are always available for lunch and dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad 

Chef Salad 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich 

Deli Sandwich 

Cottage Cheese and Fruit Plate 

What Should A Resident Bring For Their Stay? 

We recommend bringing enough clothing for at least one week. Keep in mind that all clothing should be comfortable (shorts, sweats, etc.) Our facility provides all essential personal care items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash and lotion. If the resident prefers a specific brand, we encourage you to bring those items from home.

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